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The client needs to know
Color printing is human behaviour and the products and services of the most accurate description of it, a real expression of human emotion and decision-making have the most positive impact, especially in the purchase decision-making and good customer service to obtain the satisfaction, will bring us deep, difficult to erase the first impression and the feeling, makes it a promotional products is important one annulus, enterprise development key.
How to cooperate
1 the financial budget, ready to print data: text, pictures (photos, or shear diagram
Need to shoot a kind), the basic layout of the programme or make a good CD, MO;
2 business negotiations, signed a contract to pay commission printed: Indian side 30% of the contract value in advance;
3 substrate side as specified in the contract design, production;
4 appoint Indian school, confirmation signature: the appointment of its need to finalize finalize 30% of the total contract value for money;
The 5 printing by customer signature release production;
Documentation requirements
1 file must be an CorelDRAW X4 software version is different because of the losses caused by the customer to bear;
2 files must specify requirements, such as : the number, size, material, but membrane, paragraph number, the number of the need to cut packaging;
3 files inside product line ( or beer line graph) must be marked clearly, because the document is not clear the problem appearing late delivery, the customer to bear;
4 files have to be done by bleeding, on behalf of my company make a file to take blood from client to bear;
5 if the file which has several together, please confirm the pricing mode, is a single paragraph or section of packing;
6 place an order please and place an order personnel to confirm the price, makeup can t change the price;
Mode of payment
1, advance deposit customers of this company to pay a fee for each order, deduct the corresponding amount, convenient and quick. Our customers to deposit will give additional concessions.
2, the company paid cash to cash.
3, the bank remittance telegraphic transfer or financial card ATM mode transfer.